Fujairah Holding invites you to a new expedition

Building future in Fujairah

Fujairah Holding prides itself by upholding the iconic heritage of Fujairah. Rich in its capacity, we are leading the ideas of diversification and inclusion at Fujairah. Situated at the east coast of the United Arab Emirates, the land is a harbor to your financial prospects.

Fujairah Holding is a global firm that is at the forefront, aiming to transform Fujairah’s diversity to its strength, by attracting strategic investors to collaborate across an array of enterprises.

The opportunities are vast

Fujairah Holding is inspired by the vision set forth by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi. We Provide an ideal gateway and platform for the investors, who believe in the potential of Fujairah. From oil and gas to hospitality, from tourism to education, from logistics to manufacturing and mining, we are seeking value and excellence to establish Fujairah as an innovation-driven emirate.

Value for Investors and Stakeholders

From the beginning, Fujairah has stood out as an enriching investment platform that connects investors with relevant public and private sector stakeholders catalyzing constant growth.

The company focused on one simple but revolutionary strategy – to create and manage a diversified investment portfolio dedicated to generating steady returns and prudently growing capital through a disciplined investment process.

Our investors are our assets, and we ensure consistent support by helping them overcome any and every challenge they face while doing business in Fujairah. This framework has enabled our leadership and team to act as efficient local strategic partners to our clients and continually assist them.


Our objective is to attract strategic investors to Emirate of Fujairah and contribute to its growth by accelerating industry operations across a variety of sectors. We aim to assist companies in navigating a multitude of investment choices to allow them to generate stable cash flow and maintain focus amid unpredictable markets.

We have set our course to work on six central principles:

  • Invest in highly selective opportunities to establish exclusive and long-term shareholder values.
  • Creating highly attractive businesses in Fujairah and the region that will make big strides in their respective sectors.
  • Establish the highest standards of professionalism and cultivate distinctive regional business ethics.
  • Become the top employer of choice by building and maintaining an exclusive work environment.
  • Execute an innovative initiative of attracting, rewarding and retaining top local and international talents.
  • Develop a comprehensive corporate social responsibility program that contributes to the wellbeing of communities where we operate.

To be the holding company of choice for regional and global business opportunities with powerful investment strategies, driven by a passion to achieve lasting relationships with our stakeholders and make Emirate of Fujairah the heart of business innovations.

Vision Statment

Creating Monumental Horizons for Ventures

Venture into the Unparalleled Land of opportunities

We envision Fujairah as the grounds to making contributing partnerships towards the diversification of economies in the GCC. With a desire to build relationships and emerge as the first choice for renowned and trusted holding enterprise, we want to create the next wave of innovation and growth in Fujairah by constantly creating and increasing shareholder's value.


Thinking ahead, strategic investment is the real extension of our values and of Fujairah’s core purpose of building a platform that connects investors to their relevant sector. This philosophy motivates us to build upon a set of values that are reflected in our actions.

Working by Integrity

Promoting a culture of accountability by encouraging our people to value integrity, hard work and ethics over short-term gains.

Inclusively Innovating

Driving innovation in business processes, systems and structures to develop turnkey solutions that generate desired results.

Success to Value

Spreading the spirit and flair of success and excellence by striving for continuous improvement.